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Imagine sitting in cage needing help and no one came.

The Treat Diva is here to help. 10% of all sales will go to a special needs scholarship called Hope’s Dream. One of my dogs Hope, was rescued from a local shelter with injuries she had gotten shortly after birth. Broken femoral heads, spinal injuries and a bad hip never slowed her down. I also have three other rescue dogs. Of the four, three are handicapped and or were abused. We have met some of the most wonderful, giving, loving people. If it weren’t for these people and their generosity, Hope and her siblings would never have received the help she has.

Now it’s our turn to give to other animals that need help, those that are being euthanzied due to financial constraints. Our dream is to help fund the care of dogs with special needs. How can you can help? EASY!! I’m creating a cookbook. Along with each recipe I’d like a short story on what makes your pet special to you (or a cute trick they do) and a picture. That’s all you have to do, I do the rest. Once the cookbook is finished, all the proceeds will be donated to the Hope’s Dream scholarship. Just think how many animals we will be able to help!

Take a walk with Hope along her journey at her website. A recipe, a story, a picture and we are on our way. You can email me via the form on our contact page. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Let your pet know how much you love him by giving him Treat Diva treats and give the gift of life to another dog at the same time.

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